my small world / fish rock

my small world: solitary coral colony.
this work might look kitschy 🐟, but my issue isn’t: corals are bleaching, they are dying. a world without these architectural wonders means not only less diverse and less beautiful ocean 💦, but an economic disaster for many people – especially in developing countries. the reason reefs are disappearing is human-made (overfishing, pollution, fossil fuels warming the planet 🌏). corals may not survive this intensity of the ongoing changes. do you like to breathe? for that, you need a healthy ocean 🌊. the most oxygen you inhale comes from there. I am very conscious about the fact, that we are quite the first generation to know we are destroying our planet, and the last that could do something about it 🌈.

acrylics, tyvek and other stuff in bio-resin /20x20x5cm/and the weight is about a ton 😉😇

get down to heaven – ancient jellyfishes roaming the seas

get down to heaven - ancient jellyfish roaming the seas

get down to heaven – ancient jellyfishes roaming the seas. mixed media: acrylics, tinted resin on wooden canvas (55 x 65 cm).

should i stay or should i go

fishswarm turquoise

should i stay or should i go: acrylic on canvas (100 x 100 cm)

„should i stay or should i go“: acrylic on canvas (100 x 100 cm). yeah, the universe beneath us is incredible, fantastic in its abundance and variety…i love the swirling amongst the fishswarm while painting in half-trance, and whilst diving in a real deep sea…

get down to heaven…


one of my long term dreams came true just one year ago. i got wet in egypt, in crystal clear water, where i made my open water diving license (until 18 m). w-h-a-t a feeling to breathe like a fish, although humans are not meant to survive underwater! it was like i had left the planet, to visit another world. the underwater world is an amazing sight to see: from the beautiful life you see lingering underwater to the crystal clarity of the ocean water emphasized by the ray of sunlight. the vivid colours of the undersea world show some of the most awe-inspiring views. the colours are so extravagant and the sheer number of fish almost disturbing. gosh, all these beautiful and wondrous fishes, creatures and corals…it just blew me away!

my first dive made me feel like a small child again, discovering this whole new world, just there for me to take in, it was mind blowing. swimming through a school of fish will stay with me forever.

yes, diving is the shortest way to heaven and a deep going inspiration for my paintings…

p.s. foto: just snorkeling