get down to heaven…


one of my long term dreams came true just one year ago. i got wet in egypt, in crystal clear water, where i made my open water diving license (until 18 m). w-h-a-t a feeling to breathe like a fish, although humans are not meant to survive underwater! it was like i had left the planet, to visit another world. the underwater world is an amazing sight to see: from the beautiful life you see lingering underwater to the crystal clarity of the ocean water emphasized by the ray of sunlight. the vivid colours of the undersea world show some of the most awe-inspiring views. the colours are so extravagant and the sheer number of fish almost disturbing. gosh, all these beautiful and wondrous fishes, creatures and corals…it just blew me away!

my first dive made me feel like a small child again, discovering this whole new world, just there for me to take in, it was mind blowing. swimming through a school of fish will stay with me forever.

yes, diving is the shortest way to heaven and a deep going inspiration for my paintings…

p.s. foto: just snorkeling


9 Gedanken zu „get down to heaven…

  1. Wonderful combination of sentiment, photo and painting, Sirpa! I feel drawn into the scenery although not particularly fond of diving myself.

  2. maren, who knows perhaps you were also wandering for a moment through time and space, as i did while painting this. thank you for the beautiful comment.

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