my small world / fish rock

my small world: solitary coral colony.
this work might look kitschy 🐟, but my issue isn’t: corals are bleaching, they are dying. a world without these architectural wonders means not only less diverse and less beautiful ocean 💦, but an economic disaster for many people – especially in developing countries. the reason reefs are disappearing is human-made (overfishing, pollution, fossil fuels warming the planet 🌏). corals may not survive this intensity of the ongoing changes. do you like to breathe? for that, you need a healthy ocean 🌊. the most oxygen you inhale comes from there. I am very conscious about the fact, that we are quite the first generation to know we are destroying our planet, and the last that could do something about it 🌈.

acrylics, tyvek and other stuff in bio-resin /20x20x5cm/and the weight is about a ton 😉😇