get down to heaven…


one of my long term dreams came true just one year ago. i got wet in egypt, in crystal clear water, where i made my open water diving license (until 18 m). w-h-a-t a feeling to breathe like a fish, although humans are not meant to survive underwater! it was like i had left the planet, to visit another world. the underwater world is an amazing sight to see: from the beautiful life you see lingering underwater to the crystal clarity of the ocean water emphasized by the ray of sunlight. the vivid colours of the undersea world show some of the most awe-inspiring views. the colours are so extravagant and the sheer number of fish almost disturbing. gosh, all these beautiful and wondrous fishes, creatures and corals…it just blew me away!

my first dive made me feel like a small child again, discovering this whole new world, just there for me to take in, it was mind blowing. swimming through a school of fish will stay with me forever.

yes, diving is the shortest way to heaven and a deep going inspiration for my paintings…

p.s. foto: just snorkeling


tension without haste…


i have cheated (beg your pardon): this is not the fifth day of this painting…i don’t even remember, how long time it took untill here…ages…these many layers…well, it was me, who wanted to be every damn single petal…shame on me, but the satisfaction on me, too…the journey continues a tension without a haste...

rootless yet not alone
120 x120 cm

keep on doing…

rootless but not alone 2 acrylic on canvas 120 x 120 cm

rootless but not alone 2
acrylic on canvas
120 x 120 cm

when i paint, i see only the flower and its petals…and the movement takes me along… i devote myself into a kind of trance, loosing the time… my body is transformed, is a flower, and an inexhaustible freshness arises…

my very first ice-hole swimming!

icehole acrylic + mix 60 x 60 cm

acrylic + mix
60 x 60 cm

see below the origin for my inspiration


tampere, finland

brrrr…how to unplug and re-boot your mind…feeling afterwards like a newborn baby (with skin looking similiar to a piece of kobe beef) !!

some people say it’s a polar bear dunk, others find it is just stupidity incarnate. but speaking from my own crazy awesome experience: that ice-swimming brought me on to a whole new level of body awareness! i think the secret of plunging into icy water lies in the feeling that surges through your body once you get out of the water. well, i needed a certain amount of courage (+ sauna) before going into the water, but i did indeed overcome the fear to enter the unknown black and felt myself afterwards incredible brave and strong! the initial shock and momentary loss of feeling in my legs was passing soon. as soon as i was back on dry land my circulation kicked in and my body started to warm up.

the change was amazing and the resulting energy boost stayed with me for hours!