greetings from lapland, sirpa

nightless night in lapland, jerisjärvi: my soulscape, and the stairway to heaven on earth.  this funny  jetty is eagerly waiting for the kayak from the shed…and me, to finally head for the water tomorrow. (photo is taken at 22.40 o’clock)


ruska – indian summer in lapland

ruska – indian summer: acrylics, polymer binder, resin on wooden canvas, 50 x 50 cm. the very last colour gasp of the mother earth is completely insane, and i am fully addicted into it…especially in lapland. the colours of fall are even more insane, there, in lapland’s autumn…just to fall in love 😂: they glow, are bright; their fiery shades are just incredible in the fall, in the polar zone. my is in head in fire, my toes in permafrost…