complex (1)

complex (1): playing here with the density of colours…i am amazed how they sometimes make so good connections or are repelling in a fascinating way. mixed media: acrylics, inks, tinted, and layered resin on canvas.

ruska – indian summer in lapland

ruska – indian summer: acrylics, polymer binder, resin on wooden canvas, 50 x 50 cm. the very last colour gasp of the mother earth is completely insane, and i am fully addicted into it…especially in lapland. the colours of fall are even more insane, there, in lapland’s autumn…just to fall in love 😂: they glow, are bright; their fiery shades are just incredible in the fall, in the polar zone. my is in head in fire, my toes in permafrost…

cyani – moments remembered

cyani – moments remembered. acrylic paints, inks, and resin on plywood (30 x 50 cm).