fused glas


very often i’ve been asked, „what does your name mean?“ “where does it come from?”.

sirpa(le) = a shard, a piece of broken something = luck

when i was a small girl in finland, my mom used to call me “sirpale”. i was not just an ordinary shard of some broken plate to her – eventhough smashed plates have brought luck to many of us: certainly they brought good fortune to julian schnabel! – no, she saw me as a translucent piece of a broken glass, that would bring fortune for me and the others. she gave me the feeling being something special… time has passed, but the thought being a piece of something has escorted me until today. i still see myself as a fragment. in comparison to the past, it’s no more so important to be someone special. what really matters today, is rather the feel to be a part of the whole. that is a really liberating feel!