16 Gedanken zu „fishswarm; the great movement

  1. i just had a look on your website and your blog here .. i like your paintings very much .. thank you for your beautiful and very interesting work .. hope to see some more sometimes .. ;):))

    • i find it so great to travel in this intriguing world of inner emotions and to see beauty and all that is moving the mind of creatives…
      i’m glad you paid a visit. yes, i look forwards to see you soon! sirpa

    • merci. there are times when i have lively debate with fishes (i’m pisces!) and all of a sudden flowers (i’m not a peony bloom!) start whispering…

      • even the very last fish is gone, like an atlantic salmon after spawning period, but they’ll come back! at least some of them… while waiting, me and my flowers are going on talking in a whisper.
        i just saw, i made a mistake by writing „i’m not a flower“ (english is not my mothertongue – well german neither – often i don’t hear my lapse). actually, when i paint, i see only the flower and its petals or a fish…and the movement takes me along. i devote myself into a kind of trance, loosing the time… my body is transformed, is a flower is a fish, and an inexhaustible freshness arises. i love the feeling when they – as a dense shoals of fish or flowers – conquer singular the white surface. and like the way these numerous and overlapping figures divide shimmering and euphoric the emptiness. i hope you could understand, a bit.
        p.s. wow, you gave me a new inspiration with the underwater flowers.

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