marine debris

(acrylic on plastic air cushion)

(acrylic on plastic air cushion)


to be the cause


injuries and deaths


numerous marine

animals and birds,


become entangled,



it for prey,

eat it

as well

as we do.


we can work

towards a clean,

healthy ocean planet.

luftkissen blumen

marine debris

45 Gedanken zu „marine debris

  1. Dear Sirpa, yes, it’s so important to work for all this! How good that you engage yourself with your art for it!!!!!!!

    • yes! it is a global problem, everyday’s problem, everyone’s problem! most of all it’s a preventable problem! thank you so much, dear friend.

    • well markus…about creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art…it was kind of a reminder for myself…this work is hanging in the entrance of my flat now…as a „forget me not“

      • That is Great to have such a reminder because it helps. Of anybody of us would have One for a certain Problem, there would be much more awareness for all this problems. Great job, Sirpa

  2. Beautifully put important message, Sirpa! And a great reminder that we all can and should do our little piece to keep oceans clean. I love that you painted your wonderful flowers on this material.

    • thank you! within the past 100 years, plastics have made their horrible way into our lives and also into our ecosystems. so this is a modern and recent problem. there are things we can do, individually and collectively, to reverse the impacts…even if it’s made on a small scale, on a micro level in our everyday life. it’s not too late to do something about this man-made mess!!!

    • being reminded about the scope of plastic pollution can be so discouraging, even depressing, but that’s not my goal…instead of that i want to help myself (maybe other people, too) to confront the problem by presenting it in a story of flowers, on plastic 😉
      humankind has certainly imposed its footprint on this landscape, but we have not ruined it completely, yet!!
      (the last picture is not made by myself)

  3. Liebe Sirpa, das wundervoll geht mir bei Deinen Arbeiten leicht von der Hand. Deine Blumen auf dem Kunststoff, der durch Deine Rettung nicht den Weg ins Meer gefunden hat, in dem Du vielleicht grad tauchst um mit den Schwärmen zu reden. Sonnige Grüße Volker

    • wenn du die unterwasserschönheit einmal erlebt hast, ist es schier unerträglich, die gigantischen müllstrudeln in großen strömungswirbeln der ozeane zu sehen, oder die geisternetze, die grausamen fallen für meeresbewohner und auch für die „fischeflüsterer“ 😉 volker, dir auch ganz liebe grüsse

    • my very dear and wonderful artistic-creative friend! thank you very much, so lovely of you!
      all the nominations, which i used to get, made me any time a bit confused and i never regarded them. honestly, that is not my world. i rather leave my place for someone, who really loves to get one, if you don’t mind… me, i just want to keep on painting, to the best i can do. i hope, that these words aren’t hurtful. yours ❤ sirpa

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