24 Gedanken zu „earth-song

  1. oh, how long I was longing for new flowers from you 🙂
    what a wonderful new composition,
    and you did not overload the fine background blue
    with yellow and orange…lovely…

      • Sie haben etwas über meine Jugend zu mir geflüstert, etwas über diese Farbkonstellation, die ich damals so mochte. Und dann noch etwas über Frühling allgemein und dass ich auf Blau einfach nicht verzichten könnte. 🙂

  2. The world is beautiful – as long as we have wild flowers! Your painting has flowers in the sky …for freedom! Stunning beauty ❤

  3. Days ago I returned home from Israel. Their just ended wet (very) winter produced blankets of wildflowers, covering this . . . desert! I was there to see that. Within an hour by slow, ancient airplane, one could view numerous different jihadist cliques, ISIS, Syrian rebels, Iranian regular army contingents and several heavily armed, belligerent armies. I did not see any on them on the mountains I hiked. I saw billions of wildflowers (many orchids) and sooo many butterflies. Your painting reminded me of this. Good.

    • sounds like a risky and a dangerous journey to your beloved flowers and flutters. gosh, your wildflowers seem to be very challenging and intriguing belles! my respect, you are a tough butterflyman 😉 jeffrey, i’m so happy to hear that „flowers of mine“ are evoking nice memories…

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