do you want to see the world today, little sirpa

dear six years young me, looking to the future, with trustful eyes. just wanted to tell you, these eyes never lost the glow.


liebes sechs jahre junges ich,

deine augen vertrauensvoll,

in die zukunft schauen.

wollte dir bloss sagen,

sie leuchten,

immer noch.

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  1. Rührend. Und wie ähnlich wir uns sahen…dieser Pony, den hatte ich auch, ebenso, wie dieses Kostüm *Lach*
    Lieben Gruß ans Leuchtauge 🙂

    • jöö, ist doch super herzig. die gemeinsamkeiten wachsen ja zusehends *smile*. ich war eine kleine abendteurerin, kletterte auf bäume und an felsen, aber auch eine träumerin die mit planzen, tiere und steine schwatzte und schon damals allerlei farben liebte. nur die rote schleife im haar, die hasste ich!

  2. curious, intelligent and peaceful look – sooo cute and sweet… ❤ may I babysit, bitte schön?! 😉
    @"these eyes never lost the glow." – I do believe you, Sirpa… why?! because:
    "Adults who don't play anymore have lost the kid who used to live inside them and they'll miss 'it' forever…"(Pablo Neruda)

    • such a lovely analysis, mélanie 🙂
      these words of meister eckhart are my longtime friends:
      “the most important hour is always the present. the most significant person is precisely the one sitting across from you right now. the most necessary work is always love.”
      p.s pablo neruda is a treasure for me.

      • @“p.s pablo neruda is a treasure for me.“ – same here, Sirpa dear! 🙂
        * * *
        I forgot to ask you: do you have any Sami(Lapland) origin, too?…

      • yes, in finnish-lapland there are living (only) around 6000 samis, half of them speak sami as their mother-tongue. a very good friend of mine is a traditional reindeer herder with some 200 animals. through him i have learnt plenty about sami and reindeers. i really hold their cultural heritage in high regard. i’m so happy to travel in the middle of june to lapland for two months, just to let my spirits flow…

    • every now and then it feels so good to be in contact to my young myself.
      sending you warm greetings and thanks to the other side of the earth…

    • yes, every child is infected with a lot of artistic creativity. if you stay close to your inner child or you find it again…you astonish! discover! play! love! (in my mind)

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