immatured ideas

immatured ideas

it is the time for new ideas!

i’m about to complete a painting that i simply call „the leaves“. very often it happens to me that in the last meters before finishing a work, my emotions start to fly through the space of my soul, finding a fresh inspiration, yet immatured. i find this older painting above describes these momentarily green feelings pretty well.

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  1. I love the way you describe the internal processes in your soul and in your art… it is full of picture, full of space and depth and unexpected revelations.

    • aka, you know it so well, art is one of the sources through which the soul expresses itself and inspires others. by showing my works, i already welcomed the people to vist the authentic myself. maybe they have seen emotionally what is there but not easily felt or perceived. now after putting down my words and opening myself literally, i realize not only artworks also sincere words help to see. sirpa

      • Hi Sirpa, yes indeed it is true. Self-expression uncovers the deeper connection between all human beings and activates the hidden language, the universal language which all hearts and spirits can speak deep within the soul. Through art – as well as through expressions of natural beauty in our normal everyday lives – we reveal and give parts of ourselves which normally might not be easily visible to others.

    • yes, you saw the creative infect. but the painting “leaves” (later “flying”) was still in progress and not shown above. but thank you anyway, you really see my image as it is.

      • the fully concentration on one painting at once! as i wrote in my org. post, my mind often starts to wander – in the stage of finishing – and new fragments of ideas or visions are flattering around…

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