23 Gedanken zu „dizzy freedom

  1. Ein Bild voller Sommerfreude, wunderschön. Hätten wir gerne als Decke für den Garten. 🙂
    Ha en god helg, Sirpa!
    Klem fra oss Fire,
    Dina x

  2. Bon anniversaire, Sirpa! Happy B’day, sweet fish gal! 🙂

    each b’day is a new beginning and a new opportunity for self-knowledge, of getting closer to your loved ones, of cultivating the art of loving and smiling, of self-surpassing… so, I guess a few kind words and heartfelt thoughts are more precious than any other material present(s)… 🙂 continue to read the book of your life, accept to turn its pages to complete another chapter – with no fear of the word „end“… walk the pathway of your existence bravely, calmly – in search of balance and harmony… I wish you a sunny day like here, with an azure blue sky and plenty of joy… chase away any clouds and offer yourself pleasant moments, try to anticipate the near future, but above all: live this 1st of March to the fullest! 🙂 enjoy the company of your close ones and those priceless seconds that will never come back, keep looking ahead of you and remember: your best gift is „today“ and LOVE is the essential(vital!) „key“ that opens all gates… ❤ my very best & friendly hugs, Mélanie NB

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