34 Gedanken zu „fishswarm

    • thank you dear elina. i love fishes and i miss them…i’m going to disappear for some time to be diving again, to be near my fish-heaven!

      • so happy you like my funny fishes. this time my heaven underneath was in dom rep! wow, how i enjoyed diving again…but my very best fish heaven – as far as now – was in the red sea, in egypt (a bit dangerous at the moment over there, that’s why the long journey to caribbean). warm kisses to all of you…

    • i was so concentrated on doing this and was really intense amidst this scenery that i didn’t take the step back, not before the last fish was swimming!

    • smiling the smile…wie schön! war bis gestern weg in domrep um zu tauchen in die schillernden farben der artenreichen meeresbewohner, die durch vielfältigen variationen beeindrucken und mich ungemein inspirieren…

    • hello dear melanie, after these fishes i had to see them life…i went diving to dominican republic and came yesterday back, dog-tired, but happy!!

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